Birthday Tiki of the Month

Birthday Tiki of the Month

Celebrate! The Tiki of the Month for February is a birthday cake tiki! Because someone around here has a birthday today. I won’t say who it is, but I hear he is celebrating the big 2-5 today. Or maybe those digits should be in another order. I remember some years ago when word got out that Disney would stop having big celebrations for their characters’ birthdays because putting that number out there made them sound old, which could make them sound out of touch.

Winter Tiki of the Month

In the Cold A tiki braving the cold chill of winter is the latest Tiki of the Month. You usually picture tikis in warm, tropical climates, don’t you? So does this guy. He would much rather be somewhere warmer than this bleak winter landscape. Right now he is questioning how he ever got talked into coming to this place to begin with. He feels like he just won the “Most Gullible Tiki” award.

A Christmas Tiki for December

Merry Christmas! A jolly tiki out in the snow wishes you a Merry Christmas as the newest member of the Tiki of the Month Club from Steve’s Sketchbook. Usually, you would find a tiki somewhere warm, such as at the beach on a tropical island. But just maybe there could be a tiki at the North Pole, too. Santa Claus strikes me as being an eclectic decorator, after all. So why would he not have a tiki somewhere near his workshop?

A Thankful Tiki of the Month

A Thankful Tiki brings a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. He is the newest member of the Tiki of the Month Club from Steve’s Sketchbook, by the way. This Tiki would love to be included in your Thanksgiving dinner plans. He is always looking for more friends to spend time with. And hopefully, that is a real turkey and not something made out of wood like he is. Of course, that raises the question of how he cooked it without setting himself on fire.

A Halloween Tiki for October

Happy Halloween! A tiki with a pumpkin-shaped head sits in a field on a starry night in the fall as Halloween approaches. This is the latest Tiki of the Month from Steve’s Sketchbook. Yes, Tiki of the Month is definitely a thing now. Our tiki friend is just waiting for some trick-or-treaters to come and pay him a visit. Of course, you can tell by his smile that he is a friendly tiki, so he only gives out treats, of course.

A Fall Tiki for September

Happy Tiki Fall A fall tiki for September enjoys a sunset in the latest artwork from Steve’s Sketchbook. If you are keeping score, yes, I just posted a new tiki last month. And now, here is another tiki for this month. Is this signaling the start of the Tiki of the Month Club? Maybe so! While last month’s tiki definitely had a summer feel to him, I wanted this one to be just a little more about fall.