A Thankful Tiki of the Month

A Thankful Tiki brings a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. He is the newest member of the Tiki of the Month Club from Steve’s Sketchbook, by the way. This Tiki would love to be included in your Thanksgiving dinner plans. He is always looking for more friends to spend time with. And hopefully, that is a real turkey and not something made out of wood like he is. Of course, that raises the question of how he cooked it without setting himself on fire.

Mobius the Thankful Goat

Be Thankful Mobius the Goat is a thankful goat, and he wants to remind you to be thankful, too. It might seem a little silly to remind you to be thankful as the Thanksgiving holiday is here. But as I often say, remember to be thankful every day of the year and not just on one day. Or not even just for the month of November. Be thankful all year long.

A Tiki Turkey for Thanksgiving

Happy Tiki Thanksgiving! A Tiki Turkey for Thanksgiving continues the tiki series from Steve’s Sketchbook. And this takes carving a turkey to a whole new level! If you wonder where this came from, I had two separate thoughts. One thought was, “I should draw something for Thanksgiving because there is not that much Thanksgiving artwork out there.” Another thought was, “I have not drawn any tikis in a while.” Put them both together, and this is what you get!

Think Thankfully From Steve's Sketchbook

Be Thankful In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, here is a reminder to Think Thankfully. Be thankful not just now, but all of the time. I think that it is great that we have a day to remind us to be thankful. It is good to focus on what we have and to thank God for all of our blessings. Even when things are not going our way, which has been the case for many people this year, we can stop and count lots of blessings if we try.

No Turkeys Here from Steve's Sketchbook

Ho Ho Ho! No Turkeys! This Santa-looking guy claims that there are no turkeys around here for Thanksgiving in the latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook. I love the Thanksgiving season, and I know several others do, too. However, I am sure that turkeys do not have quite the same fondness for Thanksgiving that the rest of us do. After all, who would like a holiday where your people are served up as the main dish?

Gratitude Gator from Steve's Sketchbook

Be Thankful Gratitude Gator reminds you to show gratitude to others. And he also reminds you that I am thankful for you! On top of all of that, he is also the latest entry from Steve’s Sketchbook, too. As we rush through life, we often forget to be thankful for what we have or for what others have done for us. Or if we are thankful, we do not take the time to show others our gratitude.