Burns Family Christmas Card 2021

Christmas Greetings! Each year, we send out a Christmas card to family and friends. And each year we try to make our Christmas card just a little different from everyone else’s, to bring a smile and some Christmas joy to whoever we can. Usually, those Christmas cards involve some sort of photo of us, often inspired by what has happened that year. See some of our past cards here. However, this year we were faced with a little bit of a challenge.

Burns Family Christmas Card 2020

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! As has become our custom, we sent out our very special Christmas card once again this year. Our philosophy is to send out something unique, something that you won’t get from anyone else. And we also want to make you smile a little, too. That’s our goal. See some of our past cards here. When Laura and I were talking about what to do for our Christmas card, we wanted to do something different from past years, and perhaps something tied to this (hopefully) unique year of 2020.

Another Self-Portrait Sketch from Steve's Sketchbook

It’s Me Again Here’s another self-portrait from Steve’s Sketchbook. Does it look like me or not? I’ll let you decide that. This actually is meant to be a follow-up to the sketch of Laura that I shared recently. I thought you might as well get me to go along with her, right? After all, we are a team. You might as well have sketches of both of us. However, once again this is a completely different style than what I have used before.

Burns Family Christmas Card 2019

But First, Backstory Those of you who are longtime Burnsland readers know that we like to do a non-traditional Christmas card each year. We like to send out something that we have created on our own, something that is just a little special, and perhaps different from everyone else. Something unique. You can see some of those past Christmas cards here. This year, we had trouble for a while coming up with something to do, and then something not quite pleasant happened.

Burns Family Christmas Card 2018

Merry Christmas! Each year, we try to come up with something interesting for our family Christmas card. Past Christmas cards have seen us sitting with Santa Claus, enjoying a beach scene, and even flying through the air. So we tried to think of something that would at least equal our past efforts. One of our life events lately has been that Jaylin is learning to drive. Why not do something with Jaylin driving?

Burns Family Christmas Card 2017 - Behind the Scenes

The Christmas Card It is that time of year once again when everyone sends out Christmas cards to friends and family. Including us. Over the last few years, we have had lots of fun creating our Christmas card. We choose not to rely on standard store-bought cards or photo website templates. No, we would rather create our own. So if you can’t get a good look at it in the above photo, here is the Christmas card for this year, both front and back:

Burns Family Christmas Card 2016 - Behind the Scenes

Over the past few years, we have made a tradition of sending out Christmas cards to friends and family. But not just any Christmas cards. We decided to make our cards unique, something that you wouldn’t see from anyone else. That takes a little bit of work, but it is worth it in the end. Especially when someone tells you how much they liked your card. I think that this year’s card was our best effort yet.

Burns Family Christmas Card 2015 - Behind the Scenes

After last year’s fun Christmas Card, we knew we had to do something at least as good for this year. I kicked around ideas in my head for a while, to see what I could come up with. Laura had suggested something perhaps related to our cruise from this past summer, and so we eventually ended up with a beach theme. First up, we had to get a group photo. So while last year we had bundled up in winter coats on a somewhat warm day, this time we put on our beach t-shirts and sunglasses on a cold day.

Sunscreen On My Shoulders

Sorry, John Denver, for borrowing your song. But that is what I am reminded of every summer when sunscreen season rolls around. Because I am a rather fair-skinned person, I can choose either to wear sunscreen most any time I go out in the sun for any length of time or to burn pretty quickly when I go out unprotected. Obviously, I usually choose sunscreen, except when I forget to put it on, and it usually works well for me.