Santa Claus on His Horse

Santa Claus on His Horse

Santa Claus takes off at a gallop on his trusty horse Jingles as he gets ready to deliver presents to your house. Yes, Santa uses his sleigh pulled by the reindeer to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. But as the big day approaches, he rides around the North Pole on Jingles to help Santa get in flying shape. It is just a small part of his training regimen, but Santa definitely enjoys the ride.

Must Be Santa From Steve's Sketchbook

The Man with the Bag Santa Claus himself is the latest subject to grace the virtual pages of Steve’s Sketchbook. No matter how he looks, you can always recognize Santa. He looks different just about every time you see him. He even looks different here than he does in the previous Santa Claus artwork that I shared. Maybe it is the red suit and white beard, but everyone knows who he is.

Laughing With Santa From Steve's Sketchbook

Having a Laugh A child laughs along with Santa Claus in this entry from Steve’s Sketchbook. And if you were wondering, this was based on a real event, sort of. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take photos of kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus, as I have enjoyed doing for several years now. It is always a fun time, and Santa and Mrs. Claus are great people, of course.