Mobius The Goat

Here is the first of (maybe) many adventures of Mobius The Goat, just an average goat trying to raise his family in the modern world. Click the strip to see it larger, in case you are having trouble seeing it. When I was a kid, I briefly considered some sort of art career. I especially loved reading the comic strips in the newspaper each day, and I would grab the section that the comics were in and immediately read them as I ate my breakfast before school.

A Skunk!

A few weeks ago, Jaylin and I were going to put bales of hay in the hay stall in our barn. We have known that a skunk has been in there from time to time, so we were watching for him. But it was already getting dark by the time that we started, so I was hoping that the skunk had already started on his rounds for the night. After all, skunks are nocturnal, so they are more likely active at night rather than during the day.

A New Tiki Drawing

You may have noticed a tiki in the new header graphic that appeared sometime in the last week or two. Actually, that tiki isn’t exactly new, as I have used a version of him in different logos and such before. But this was a new drawing of him, so I thought I would present it here, just in case you wanted to get a better look at him. Maybe one of these days I will actually give him a name.