Winter Tiki of the Month

In the Cold

A tiki braves the cold chill of winter as the latest Tiki of the Month.

A tiki braving the cold chill of winter is the latest Tiki of the Month.

You usually picture tikis in warm, tropical climates, don’t you? So does this guy. He would much rather be somewhere warmer than this bleak winter landscape. Right now he is questioning how he ever got talked into coming to this place to begin with. He feels like he just won the “Most Gullible Tiki” award.

Skiing will be fun, they said. You will love it, they said. But he has not yet figured out how to put on those nearby skis, because he does not have any feet. So instead, he is just staying by the rather small fire with his wooden teeth chattering, waiting for a warmer day.

He is hoping his next Tiki of the Month assignment will be in one of those nice, warm summer months! How did some of his Tiki of the Month cousins get to be so lucky to be on the beach in the sun?

Next time around, he will definitely be asking more questions!

About the Artwork

I tried to do something a little more abstract for the background for this one compared to some of the other tiki artwork. The clouds are more stylized, and the snow surface is more textured. I originally considered having it all look very bleak, with just shades of gray. But that looked just a little too cold. And a little too boring, too. So I added in a few evergreen trees, along with some slight color in the sky. And then I added the skis and the fire, too, just to round things out.

And yes, this tiki is slightly similar to December’s tiki in that they are both in the snow and wearing winter gear of some sort. But that one was more obviously Christmas-themed, while this one is just straight winter-themed. And besides, each Tiki of the Month features a tiki, so they are all going to have some similarities. That just makes sense.

“While the earth continues to exist, planting time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.” - Genesis 8:22

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