Two Random Sketches From Steve's Sketchbook

Randomness and Sketches

From time to time when I have just a few minutes, I pull out the iPad, which is what I use for Steve’s Sketchbook instead of a regular book with paper. Instead of trying to do something grand, I just make a sketch or two. This helps to fill the time. It also helps me to practice drawing. And it helps me to learn more about what I am doing, too. So here are a couple of random sketches from recent days.


Here are two random sketches, one of an elephant and the other of hands, that I made to pass the time and to practice my drawing skills.

I call this first one “Elephant”. I call it that because it is, rather obviously, a sketch of an elephant. If I had taken the time to look at a photo of an actual elephant, this one might have been better. But in the interest of time, I just used my memory as best as I could. Besides, this was just supposed to be a quick sketch instead of something more serious. So I was not going for accuracy here.

You can see that I started with a really rough version in red, trying to figure out just how an elephant looks, or at least how I wanted my elephant to look. I then did a final sketch in black, using the red original sketch as a guide.

I am no elephant expert, but I am happy with how this turned out.


Here are two random sketches, one of an elephant and the other of hands, that I made to pass the time and to practice my drawing skills.

This next one is called “Hands” because, well, it should be obvious by now. Actually, this is just the same hand seen from two different sides. Either that, or some poor guy was born with two left hands.

I used my hands as a guide for these. And actually, once I got the one on the left drawn, I just took the outline and flipped it for the other side, drawing in the fingernails and knuckles. After all, both sides of the same hand should be the same size. Why not make it easy on myself?

One reason I had for this was that I have a difficult time drawing hands. Even cartoonish hands. So I figured I might as well practice by drawing some realistic hands. Will that make drawing cartoon hands any easier? We shall see.

So there you have it. I will share some more random sketches when I have some random time to draw some random things.

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