Tropical Sunset From Steve's Sketchbook

Sunset and Reflection

A beautiful sunset over the ocean in a tropical setting is the newest artwork in the Steve’s Sketchbook series

A beautiful sunset over the ocean in a tropical setting is the newest artwork in the Steve’s Sketchbook series. Imagine walking along a foliage-covered path that runs along the shore. Suddenly, you come to a break in the greenery and look out to see the setting sun reflected in the water. That is what is happening here.

I am sure that my love of tropical beaches and sunsets is not any secret. Of course, we have not been to any tropical beaches in a while, although we have seen some nice sunsets from right here at home, both in the summer and in the winter. No complaints there.

But I have been missing that tropical element lately. So why not draw it? That is the next best thing to being there and taking an actual photo, at least for me. I just pictured in my mind what an ideal sunset would look like, and then I created it on my iPad.

About the Artwork

I really did not prepare for this artwork at all. I was actually working on something else. When I finished that other project, I still had some time, as Laura was still working on some of her stuff. So I started this. I had thought about it a few times over the past few days, wanting to give it a try, and that was the perfect time.

For this one, I did not start out with a sketch as I often do. I just started painting. Digital painting, of course. I used a few different brushes and techniques to get the look that I wanted. One reason for this artwork was to experiment with some of those techniques. The sun rays were almost an afterthought, but I like what they added to the painting.

Bible Verse

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. - Galatians 6:9


If you keep up with things around here, you might have noticed that I did not post anything for a little while. But do not worry - I have not fallen off the face of the earth or anything like that.

Last week was spring break for Laura and Jaylin (even though spring does not technically start until this week). On top of that, it was a busy week for work. Because of all of that, I did not take any time for any new blog posts, or even for social media. I mostly lived life like we did back in the old days without all of those things.

Because of all of that, I did not know as much about what was going on in people’s lives, but that was okay. I also did not read a lot of social media posts complaining about things, either. And that was a nice break.

But I still plan on being around here like I always am. It is just nice to have a little time away every now and then.

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