The Rocketeer Goes Trick-or-Treating

The Rocketeer goes trick-or-treating for Halloween. Or is that just someone in a Rocketeer costume?

The Rocketeer goes trick-or-treating for Halloween. Or is that just someone in a Rocketeer costume?

Obviously, it is just someone in a costume, because the real Rocketeer would be flying through the sky instead of just walking on the ground. And it looks like he must be just getting started, because his bag looks rather empty. Hopefully he can fill it up with some good loot soon.

Halloween Memories

My sister and I used to always go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood when we were growing up, even if our costumes were not as elaborate as this. Were elaborate costumes the goal, or was getting candy the goal? Candy, obviously!

There were those who would try to stick something healthy in there, but good old chocolate and candy bars were what I was after. I would eat the good stuff and eventually throw away the other stuff. And the “good stuff” is defined as stuff I like, not necessary stuff that was good for me. Because when does an adolescent care about what is good for him?

Of course, these days I have to be a little more careful about what I eat. But I do still like chocolate and candy bars every now and then. I just have to make sure not to overdo it.

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About the Artwork

The Rocketeer has always been one of my favorite movies, from the time that it was first released in 1991. I saw the movie a couple of times in the theater and then several times more on home video (think VHS here, because that is what it was). So when I was thinking of something to draw for Halloween, I thought, “Why not have the Rocketeer go trick-or-treating?” And so this artwork was born.

For the background, I went with what I would consider a “not quite exact” style. For much of it, I did not worry too much about keeping the colors inside the lines. And I did not even put much detail in the house in the background. The focus is meant to be on the Rocketeer, after all.

And yes, once again, the moon looks the same as it always does around here. Maybe I should start exploring a different moon style? Or maybe the same moon means that all of these different art pieces take place in the same universe? Yes, let’s go with that.

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