The Child Goes Trick-or-Treating from Steve's Sketchbook

Happy October!

The Child from “The Mandalorian” goes trick-or-treating in this latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook

The Child from “The Mandalorian” goes trick-or-treating in the latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook.

October means Halloween and trick-or-treating, but this year it also brings the start of the second season of “The Mandalorian”, a show on Disney+ from the Star Wars world. That show introduced us to The Child, known by many as Baby Yoda. Of course, this isn’t actually Yoda, but a youngster of his same species. Maybe they will give us more information on the new season of the show.

This sketch is a bit of a departure for me. Before now, all of the sketches and artwork had been original, generic ideas and such. But this one is obviously based on someone else’s idea. Call it “fan art” if you want. Or call it “running out of my own ideas” if you prefer. However, I have not actually run out of ideas. I do still have several ideas of my own. But this one popped into my head, and I wanted to see how it would turn out. And besides, the Child has been wildly popular over the last year. Why not give it a try?


Do they have trick-or-treating on any of those planets that they visit in “The Mandalorian”? Probably not. Will there be any trick-or-treating this year? Probably so, although I would guess that the numbers will be down a bit compared to “normal” years due to COVID-19 concerns.

We never have many trick-or-treaters at our house anyway, due to the fact that we live so far out of town. I would say that we never have any, but we have had exactly one. But that was many years ago, and I doubt it will happen again for a while.

Fall Festivals and Trunk or Treat activities have become more “safe”, and that is fine. It is always better to be around people that you know and trust. In some ways it is a shame that our neighborhoods are not that kind of place any more, but that is so often the world that we live in. Long gone are the days of just roaming up and down your street and the streets around yours, seeing what candy you could get.

And if anyone happens to come to our house this year, I am sure we will have some candy ready, just in case.

About the Artwork

As with the other recent art pieces in Steve’s Sketchbook, I created this one using Procreate on an iPad. I am still learning new ways to do things in Procreate, and each new art piece is also a new learning experience.

For this piece, while I knew I wanted to go with a cartoon style, I also did not want everything to look flat. So I added textures to everything, including the Child’s robe, the ground, and even the buildings in the background. Plus, some stars in the nighttime sky make it look less flat, too.

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