Sunset Tiki by the Sea

Hello, Tiki!

Sunset Tiki by the Sea from Steve’s Sketchbook

A tiki by the sea at sunset continues the Beach Tiki series from Steve’s Sketchbook. I am not sure why he looks angry. Maybe it is because he can’t dip his toes in the water.

You did not know that there is a Beach Tiki series? Yes, it is true. It started with a Happy Tiki by the Waves, and it continues with this guy. And we could even include Mobius the Tiki Goat and a Thanksgiving Turkey Tiki, too. And don’t forget about the Mermaid Tiki by the Sea, too. Those are the kinds of things that go through my head sometimes.

Actually, this latest one started out as just a watercolor painting of a beach sunset. But once I finished it, I thought, “What this scene really needs is a tiki.” And then I was off and running. Or drawing, actually. It is hard to run and draw at the same time. And I am not much of a runner, anyway.

Back Again

If you have been keeping score around here, I have not had any art posts in quite a while. For one thing, I have not had much time to draw anything for a variety of reasons. Life is good, there has just been a lot of life lately.

Also, I have not really had the inspiration to draw anything lately. So it did not matter all that much that I did not have the time for it. For me, many times art is a combination of time and inspiration and having the two line up properly. Recently they did, and so it was back to the drawing board, so to speak, because the drawing board is actually an iPad. Anyway, the result is what you see above.

About the Artwork

As is true of all of the recent artwork here, this guy was created using the Procreate app and an Apple Pencil on an iPad. I used a variety of watercolor brushes for the background. I then made a rough sketch of the tiki, and then painted and shaded him using a different variety of brushes from the background.

One of the nice things about digital art is the ability to use all kinds of brushes and paints, and yet you do not have to clean anything up afterward. And it is a lot easier to erase digital watercolor than it is to erase real watercolor, too.

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