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A self-portrait is the latest entry from Steve’s Sketchbook

A self-portrait is the latest entry from Steve’s Sketchbook. Just something fun to pass the time.

For these different Steve’s Sketchbook posts, I keep trying different styles, just to see what all I can do. Compare this one to the previous Work from Home sketch. This one has thicker lines and a different coloring style with more texture to it. I didn’t really like the “flat” look of that Work from Home sketch.

This one is closer in style to the Rainy Day sketch. I may actually like that one a little better than this one, although they are pretty close in drawing style. There are, however, still some differences in coloring.

Will I settle on one style? Maybe, maybe not. One of the fun things about all of this is the chance to explore, experiment, and create. Just to see what all I can do. It is fun to play around and to be a little creative sometimes.

And maybe the next one will be something other than just me. Maybe.

New Hobbies

Lots of people have talked about taking up new hobbies during the COVID-19 quarantine time. I actually started the Steve’s Sketchbook project before the quarantine, but I have had more time to develop it while at home.

This project actually started at a good time, because I had a good foundation by the time the quarantine started, and it was good to have something extra to do. As many people have found, there has been more time for hobbies and projects that we did not have before. I have enjoyed having this to explore sometimes. I have not devoted loads and loads of time to it. You might find that obvious by the quality of what I do! But it has been nice to be able to fill some time with all of this.

I have seen others post online about other new things that they have started doing. Some people have started more fitness training, home improvement projects, puzzles, reading, and whatever else. And that is great! On the one hand, it is good to learn something new and broaden horizons, and on the other hand it is good to have something to fill a little of the extra time. However, if you haven’t started something new, don’t feel bad about it. There is nothing wrong with that, either. Whatever works for you.

One thing we have done was to start trying to identify birds on our walks. That doesn’t make us sound like old people, does it?

Bible Verse

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. - Philippians 4:8

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