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Change Is Good!

If you have visited the Burnsland website here over the past several months, you may have noticed that the banner graphic at the top of the page has changed a few times. I like to change things up sometimes, so I thought a banner graphic appropriate to the season, holiday, or other such circumstance might be in order. And because those banners change, I thought I would collect some of them here for posterity. Just in case you missed any of them.

The Basic Banner

Burnsland Banner Graphic - Normal

What you see here is the first version of the current banner style. It is what I would consider a “plain” graphic, with no special season or holiday tie-in. Sort of a “blue sky and clouds” kind of thing that could fit in at any time. This graphic stayed at the top of the page for several months before I decided to start changing things around.

Fall Leaves

Burnsland Banner Graphic - Fall

The first variation was for the fall. I thought about pumpkins or something Halloween related, but I decided that fall leaves would be better. So I swapped out the blue background for a photo of some of our leaves that I took a year or two ago. This banner appeared on the site in October and November. Fall leaves work for both months, after all.


Burnsland Banner Graphic - Christmas

Fall leaves did not seem appropriate for December, however, and I wanted to have a Christmas look to the site. For this banner, I used a bokeh-heavy photo of our Christmas tree that I had taken the year before. Maybe it is not quite apparent that those are Christmas lights, but I think it should be obvious to most people. And besides, it is nice and colorful.


Burnsland Banner Graphic - Winter

And that brings us to the current Burnsland banner graphic, as of this writing. Because it is winter, and because it sometimes snows in the winter, depending on where you are, I thought a snowy background might be nice. Instead of starting fresh, I just reused the background that I created for the Mobius the Christmas Goat artwork recently. It was perfect for what I wanted, so why bother trying to redo the same thing again? I also changed the colors of the words and the Burnsland logo, as you can see. It needed a splash of color to keep the words and logo from blending in with the snow.

Bonus - Burnsland Podcast

Burnsland Podcast Graphic

As a bonus, I am also including the banner graphic from the Burnsland Podcast site. As you can see, it borrows heavily from the original banner up above. I just changed the words and added a microphone and headphones to Mobius. Nice and easy, and it helped to tie those pages into the main Burnsland site here.

What’s Next?

So what does the future hold? I have no idea! Check back in the coming months to see what might be here. After all, change is good!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.  - James 1:17

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