San Antonio River Walk Poster

The San Antonio River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, is the latest addition to the Poster Series

The San Antonio River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, is the latest addition to the Poster Series.

I went to San Antonio on a quick work trip at the end of January, and you can read more about that and see some photos at Adventures by Burnsland. For the one night I was there, I stayed in a hotel on the River Walk, and I had a few minutes after breakfast to go exploring before the work stuff got started. Walking along the River Walk was a fun experience, and I thought I would try to capture a little of that atmosphere in a travel poster.

This is not meant to represent any specific place on the River Walk, but rather it just attempts to get the overall spirit of the experience. After all, there are not that many places where you can go walk along a river, and even cross bridges over it, right in the middle of a city. Hopefully, the poster succeeds in capturing a little bit of that.

People are People

On trips like this one, and trips to just about anywhere away from where we live, I am always reminded of the fact that people are people, no matter where you go. It is even a bigger reminder when we go to another country, but I am still reminded of it when we go somewhere in our own country.

People are the same everywhere. We may have some different customs and traditions. We may have some different beliefs. We may even speak different languages. But deep down, everyone is the same in many ways.

We all have hopes, dreams, concerns, fears, needs. We want to make sure that we take care of ourselves and those close to us, whether those close are family or friends. We want to try to do good to others, whatever that might look like.

One of the basic parts of loving one another is realizing that people are people, just like us. That seems simple, but sometimes we forget and need a reminder.

Love one another, because we are all going through life together.

*But they kept silent, for on the way they had argued with one another about who was the greatest. And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” - Mark 9:34-35

Love One Another

About the Artwork

I was a bit deliberate with the color palette here. It is most obvious in the words, where I used the blue, red, and white of the Texas flag. But for many of the other colors I tried to stick to shades of blue and red, keeping with that theme. Of course, I did throw in some browns, along with green for the trees. So it isn’t a perfect use of the color palette, but hopefully it gets the point across.

As with the Hot Springs poster, I included a paper texture here, to give the illusion that this is real paper art. But as usual, this is a completely digital creation using the Procreate app on my iPad.

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