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Who’ll Stop the Rain?

Checking to see if it is still raining in this latest rainy day entry from Steve’s Sketchbook

Checking to see if it is still raining in this latest entry from Steve’s Sketchbook. Because it has been one rainy day after another around here.

There have been a few days here and there when there hasn’t been any rain. And there have even been a few occasions lately where we have seen the sun. But there haven’t been all that many of those. So the sunny days seem like a rare treat when we get them.

You will notice in this sketch that the guy (Is that me in a self-portrait? Maybe.) is optimistic by having on his sunglasses, even while holding an umbrella. Sometimes being optimistic and holding on to hope can help you through the rainy times. So at least this guy has that going on for him.

Holding On

While this sketch is of a rainy day, I see a very big similarity to what is going on right now with COVID-19. Several of us are doing what we are asked to do to help stop the spread of the virus. But we are also looking forward with great hope to the time when all of this is over. Just like this guy holding his umbrella while wearing his sunglasses and checking to see if it is over.

A great deal can be said about hope and how it will help you get through a difficult situation. Once you have given up all hope, you are defeated, whether or not the end has actually arrived.

So don’t give up on your hope for the future. Things will improve. This virus won’t last forever. One day, we will be going back to church services, restaurants, movies, theme parks, sports events, and all those other things that we have had to suspend for now. Those days are coming back, and they will be great when they are here.

Just don’t give up hope. Keep on hoping for those good times.

Bible Verse

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. - Jeremiah 29:11

About the Sketch

Once again, this sketch is a bit different from the previous ones. Because who says you have to stick with just one style?

This was actually the sort of thing I had in mind when I started this Steve’s Sketchbook section. But then I thought I would try something different last time around with the painting style. And I might go back to that again sometime soon, too.

This sketch was actually made using the same Procreate iPhone app as the previous painting. There is quite a lot that you can do with that app, and I like that it does not limit you to any one style.

And yes, I know these are not professional quality sketches at all. It is just something I like doing from time to time. It makes me feel a little artistic sometimes.

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