No Turkeys Here from Steve's Sketchbook

Ho Ho Ho! No Turkeys!

This Santa-looking guy claims that there are no turkeys around here for Thanksgiving in the latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook.

This Santa-looking guy claims that there are no turkeys around here for Thanksgiving in the latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook.

I love the Thanksgiving season, and I know several others do, too. However, I am sure that turkeys do not have quite the same fondness for Thanksgiving that the rest of us do. After all, who would like a holiday where your people are served up as the main dish?

Do turkeys wear disguises this time of year? And if they do, why not choose to look like someone who everyone loves, such as Santa Claus? No one would do any harm to Santa Claus, would they?

And just to be sure that there are no questions, this guy has a sign just to make sure you know there are no turkeys around here. Maybe he should have put on boots to hide those turkey-looking feet!


We do have turkeys in our area, but we have not seen any in a while. I don’t think that is just because Thanksgiving is coming, however. I think it is more likely that Copper the Beagle keeps them away. I’m sure he would either howl at them or chase them away.

But turkeys would be safe here anyway, except maybe for the non-vicious dog. We would not shoot any turkeys and eat them. The store-bought kind are just fine for us, thanks.

So if any turkeys are reading this, you are safe here. Just watch out for the dog.

Happy Thanksgiving Season!

Bible Verse

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

About the Artwork

For this Steve’s Sketchbook entry, I once again chose to use a slightly different style. Unlike some of the last few entries, this one does not use strong outlines. For the turkey in disguise (oops, did I just give his identity away?), he has no outlines. He does have lines inside of him to denote things, such as his wings, that are the same color as his feathers, but he does not have an outline around him.

I like this look, and I like the outline look, too. Which do you prefer?

And while I am asking questions, which tree do you prefer? Laura likes the one on the right better than the one on the left. Any preferences? Just curious.

One other thing that I like here. In Procreate, I created a custom brush of the Burnsland logo. That way, I can add it in using whatever color fits the artwork rather than just using the standard white logo that I use on photos (see this post for how the watermark is added to photos). I had used this Procreate brush version in the previous Copper artwork, too, by the way.

Here is a progression look for this piece:

No turkeys progression

In this progression, you can see that I did create an outline version of the non-turkey. However, that was just created to be a guide for the coloring process. I am not good enough to be able to do something like that without a guide!

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