Mobius the Sports Mascot Goat

Fierce and Intimidating

Mobius the Goat becomes a sports mascot and team logo in his latest incarnation from Steve’s Sketchbook. But he isn’t a mean goat.

Mobius the Goat becomes a sports mascot and team logo in his latest incarnation from Steve’s Sketchbook.

Recently, our family attended a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game. While we were there, I could not help noticing the Grizzlies logo of a grizzly bear face all over everything. In fact, the logo was even on a baseball cap on my own head, since I had gotten the cap sometime before and decided to wear it to the game. Laura and Jaylin also had Grizzlies logo merchandise that they were wearing.

Seeing that logo in so many places got me thinking about what if Mobius the Goat were a sports mascot or a team logo? When I had a chance, I set out to see what I could come up with, and the result is what you see above.

In case you are wondering, the colors are completely arbitrary and do not represent a specific team. I just chose some colors from a color palette that I had created, thinking they all go well together. Those colors could easily be changed out if anyone wants to license this friendly goat for their team, however. Hint, hint.

But Not Too Mean

I wanted Mobius to look firm and intimidating. But the first version of him ended up looking just a bit too mean. See for yourself:

An early version of Mobius the Goat as a sports mascot

Showing his teeth made Mobius look more mean and angry than firm and intimidating. But I liked the rest of him. So I changed his mouth to what appears in the final version above.

Goats are already often known for being mean. So why add to that reputation?

Way Up There

And because I mentioned attending the basketball game, here was the view from our seats:

Our view at a Memphis Grizzlies game

Yes, we were way up there. But there were actually a few rows behind us, so we could have been even higher.

Plus, everyone was really spread out. There is still a pandemic going on, after all. It sure seemed strange after the past games that we had been to with lots of other people in attendance. But we did not have to wait at all to get our food before the game, and we did not have to worry about anyone being right in front of or behind us, too. So it had its perks.

And in case you are wondering, the Grizzlies logo that I was speaking of is not the logo in the center of the court. For throwback games, they use the old Vancouver Grizzlies logo, since that is what the team was before it moved to Memphis. But you can see the newer logo on the team Wikipedia page. That is the one that I had in mind.

Bible Verse

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. - Philippians 4:5

About the Artwork

Mobius the Goat never quite looks the same twice, does he? I wanted him to look a little less cartoonish and more logo-like here. In my mind, that meant more of a graphic arts style and an illustration style. I think Mobius adapted to the new style pretty well.

If you look closely at the early sketch above, you will notice that I accidentally left off his chin whiskers. I always forget those, and I usually end up adding them in at the last minute, or close to it. I am not sure why I keep forgetting them, because they do add a lot to his look. So I will try to remember them earlier in the process next time!

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