Mobius the Grass Mowing Goat

Happy Grass Growing Season!

Mobius the Goat from Steve’s Sketchbook is experiencing the joy of his first grass cutting of the year. It’s the season!

Spring is here, which means that the grass is starting to grow. Mobius the Goat from Steve’s Sketchbook is experiencing the joy of his first grass cutting of the year.

You might ask, “Why would a goat cut the grass?” That is a good question. After all, goats are known for eating grass. But then goats are also known for walking on all four legs and not wearing colorful shirts, so Mobius the Goat is not quite your normal goat. Besides, he can cut the grass much faster than he can eat the grass, and still be inside to enjoy dinner with his family. That is the good life, even for a goat.

Just Like Us

And yes, our grass has started growing at our house, too. Actually, what is growing in our yard now would be considered weeds more than grass. And while that is not ideal, at least it is green, adding some color to the yard that has been brown all winter long.

But we have not started cutting our grass yet. That will come soon. People often tell us that we should get some goats to help keep the grass down. But unless we can find one that can push a mower and wear a colorful shirt, we will decline. Having goats means building a fence, and then repairing the fence that the goats always seem to find a way out of. So we will just stick to taller grass and a lawnmower, thank you.

I am thankful for the change in seasons, even if it does mean that we have a little more work to do.

Bible Verse

“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” - Daniel 2:20-21

About the Artwork

For whatever reason, most of my recent artwork has been 1:1, or square. I decided to change things up a little for this one and have a 3:2 size. That gave more of a feeling of a large yard with grass to cut. It was nice to make a change.

Even though this is digital artwork, I very much wanted the look of paper. And thanks to a texture brush in the Procreate app for iPad, I was able to get that look that I wanted. You can see it a little better in this detail version:

Mobius the Goat detail

Just because artwork is digital doesn’t mean that it has to look all smooth and polished, after all. Textures make it all seem a little more real.

Plus, I keep changing up the styles of these Mobius the Goat pieces, particularly for the backgrounds. That just gives me a chance to experiment with different things instead of being tied down to one style.

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