Mobius the Goat From Steve's Sketchbook

Unusual Name, Unusual Goat

Presenting Mobius the Goat from Steve’s Sketchbook. Yes, Mobius is an unusual name. But then he is also an unusual goat.

Presenting Mobius the Goat from Steve’s Sketchbook. Yes, Mobius is an unusual name. But then he is also an unusual goat.

How unusual is he? How many other goats do you know who live in houses and wear Hawaiian shirts? That’s the kind of unusual I am talking about. Plus, he has a very nicely kept yard. Because goats do take care of keeping the grass down, after all.

Longtime Burnsland readers have seen Mobius the Goat before. He actually started out as a comic strip character several years ago. But that comic strip only made it through one strip, and he has not been seen since. Until now.

For this new appearance, I refined his design slightly to make him look a little more appealing. And he also is not as grumpy as he appeared to be in that first appearance. For whatever reason, goats are usually pictured as being grumpy and cantankerous. Why not have a friendly, happy goat instead?

While I changed his appearance, I did not change his name. I did consider shortening it to just Moe. But then I decided to keep it a little unique. A little unusual. And the name of a famous mathematician, too.

More Mobius?

Maybe you will be seeing more of Mobius around here. But maybe I have said that before, too. Not just maybe, actually, but I have in fact said that before. Maybe I will stick to it this time.

In the past, I did not necessarily have the right tools to do as much with Mobius as I wanted. But I have learned a bit more in the last six years. Also, I now like the full-color look instead of the comic strip look that I was going for before.

For me, drawing is the easy part. Coming up with the ideas is what takes more work for me. I will see what I can come up with in the future!

About the Artwork

As always lately, I drew Mobius the Goat using the Procreate app on my iPad. I used a slightly different shading style for him than I had been using for the People of Burnsland, but it is still overall a similar look. I suppose that has become my preferred style recently.

One difference from other recent works, however, is the background. I originally had a flat painted background, but it just was not quite interesting enough for me. So instead, I decided to go with a watercolor-style background. I liked that a lot better, so that is what you see here. And of course, I added some interesting clouds in the sky using the Cloud brush in Procreate. Because clouds are always cool.

Here is the early sketch version of Mobius the Goat, as I was trying to finalize his new design:

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