Mickey Mouse in a Burnsland Style

A version of Mickey Mouse in a Burnsland style of art is the latest creation from Art by Burnsland

A version of Mickey Mouse in a Burnsland style of art is the latest creation from Art by Burnsland.

Mickey Mouse’s head here is done in a sticker look of sorts with the white outline and background. And then the swirls in his head and face are reminiscent of the recent sea turtle artwork.

Why all the swirls, you may ask? Why not, I may reply. That is the sort of thing that strikes me as interesting at this time. And besides, why just draw Mickey Mouse as he normally appears? You can see that anywhere. You can only see this swirled Mickey right here.

If you are wondering about the kinds of things that I see in my head, this is but one example of that. But don’t worry, I am just fine.


You might notice that I did not say “the” Burnsland style. That is because I still have not settled on one style. And I do not really plan to. I see nothing wrong with having more than one style.

I do realize that it can be good to have a signature style, so that someone looks at it and instantly recognizes it as your work. But I also realize that being versatile can be good, too.

Also, I believe that styles should be constantly evolving. After all, people don’t wear the same kinds of clothes all the time - remember bell bottom jeans? Cars do not look the same as they used to - remember cool tailfins? Houses are not built using the same plans that they used to use - remember dining rooms? So why not keep your art style changing, too?

Change is good. Nothing stays the same, after all. Except for God and his love for us. So you might as well embrace change, because it is coming sooner or later.

Just make sure you don’t change your beliefs in what is right.

All generous giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or the slightest hint of change. - James 1:17

About the Artwork

As I mentioned above, this is sometimes the kind of thing I see in my head. I was happy that I was able to create what I saw.

One reason for the sticker look was that, unlike the sea turtle, I did not like the background showing through Mickey’s head in this one, even before I had actually come up with the background. So I added the white and included a generous border around Mickey, just like you might see in a sticker.

I did like how the background turned out, too. Here is a closer look:

It looks like nice, thick paper with a rather rough texture, doesn’t it? But it is all digital and not paper at all. As I have said before, I like some texture to keep things from looking too flat. Except for the main “sticker”, which I wanted to look flat.

The Mickey Mouse silhouettes on the background are just a repetition of the white sticker background. I perhaps should have done something different, because up close it looks like a slightly fat version of Mickey. That’s a lesson for next time.

And it probably goes without saying, but this would be classified as fan art of Mickey Mouse. This is not official or endorsed by Disney in any way. Just all in good fun.

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