Mermaid Tiki by the Sea

A Happy Tiki Mermaid

A mermaid tiki statue in a tropical location is the latest artwork from Steve’s Sketchbook, and also a creation for MerMay.

A mermaid tiki statue in a tropical location is the latest artwork from Steve’s Sketchbook, and also a creation for MerMay.

Tikis, beaches, and tropical settings. You, regular dear readers of Burnsland, know those are all things I enjoy. Why not once again put them together in an illustration? And why not include a mermaid this time, too? Just for good measure, of course. And a volcano as well, because I have not drawn one of those before.

She is a happy mermaid tiki, because she knows that volcano behind here is just letting off a little steam. Nothing to worry about there. But even though she is happy, she does still long to jump into the sea, because that is where mermaids belong. But tikis belong on the shore, so that is where she will stay.

Just a little something whimsical and fun to hopefully brighten your day.

Mermaid for MerMay

If you are not aware, MerMay is a drawing event started by former Disney animator Tom Bancroft, who was the lead animator for Mushu in Mulan, among other characters. The object of MerMay is to draw mermaids in May. It is as simple as that. On the MerMay website, there are prompts to follow, but those are just guidelines. This one does not follow any of the prompts, but that is okay. There is also a contest with prizes, too! It is meant to be a daily thing if you want it to be, or however often you want to draw mermaids.

Why mermaids? You will have to ask someone else that question. But I figured it would not hurt to join in. Maybe we should start an AuGoat campaign in the summer!

After my earlier Tiki in the Jungle drawing, I had thought about drawing more tikis of different kinds. I was not really sure where to start. But then as MerMay started, um, drawing near, I thought I would draw a mermaid tiki. So here you go. Straight from my sometimes questionable brain to you.

Will there be more mermaids in the future here in Steve’s Sketchbook? Or more mermaids? Stay tuned!

Bible Verse

May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his works, who looks on the earth and it trembles, who touches the mountains and they smoke! - Psalm 104:31-32

About the Artwork

As I mentioned above, this is a sequel of sorts to that earlier Tiki in the Jungle artwork. There was actually supposed to be a volcano in that one, but the thick jungle foliage covered it up! Also, that particular artwork was somewhat popular on social media, so that was another reason to do another tiki of some sort. Not to mention that I like them.

I went for an even stronger wood grain look for this mermaid tiki than for the jungle tiki, just to make sure you knew she was supposed to be made out of wood. Hopefully, that works.

At first, I was not quite happy with her smile. I erased and redrew it lots of times, but I kept coming back to the same thing. It has grown on me, though. I think it ultimately fits what I was going for, even though I tried several times to get something different. Sometimes, when you let something sit for a while and then go back to it later, you decide that you do like it after all.

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