March Tiki of the Month

Happy Spring Tiki!

The Tiki of the Month for March is happy for spring

The Tiki of the Month for March is happy that spring has arrived! This continues the Tiki of the Month series from the original Burnsland website at this new Art by Burnsland site.

It appears that the winter weather may finally be behind us, at least for the most part. So this Tiki is celebrating with his 3-leaf clover. He was apparently not lucky enough to find a 4-leaf clover. But after a long winter, any clover is a good clover in his opinion.

Here’s hoping for some greener, warmer days ahead. And then summer is just around the corner, too!

Welcome to Art by Burnsland

If you have been keeping up with all things Burnsland, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, you have already seen the new Adventures by Burnsland site. To go along with that site, here is a separate but equal (or maybe just separate but similar) art site. If you read the Welcome to Adventures by Burnsland post, you know all the particulars of these new sites. For this site, I decided to skip having a separate welcome post and just jump right into the art. If you haven’t read that one and are wondering how this new art site is set up, go ahead and read that other one, because this one is the same, more or less.

In fact, at least in starting out, this one looks pretty much exactly the same, with the same template scheme for the pages. That might change over time. As I mentioned with the Adventures site, this one is a learning process. And for me, it has been an exciting process, because something new is always exciting to me.

And all of the previous art is not going away. It might be eventually going to a new setup similar to this one, but it should still be there somewhere in the Burnsland world in case you ever want to go back and see it all.

Of course, there is only this one post here at the new site at the time of this writing. But you have to start somewhere.

The end of a matter is better than its beginning; likewise, patience is better than pride. - Ecclesiastes 7:8

About the Artwork

This March Tiki follows somewhat similarly the style set by the February Tiki. That is, unlike some of the other Tikis, this one has a darker outline and also a watercolor background. I liked that one enough to do something similar this time.

And as with all of the previous artwork, this was all done digitally with the Procreate iPad app and an Apple Pencil. I do like giving it all a paper-like texture to make it look a little less digital, but it is all in fact digital. Even the watercolor background, which looks like something I would have done in elementary school art time. That isn’t a bad thing. I liked some of those elementary school art projects. And this background is hopefully simple enough not to detract from the Tiki being the main focus.

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