Main Street - More Progress

Perhaps you remember the Main Street Work in Progress artwork from a while ago? Here is an update on how that progress is progressing.

Main Street artwork progress

As you can see, this looks a good bit different from the original sketch version, while in other ways looking much the same. This is definitely not finished, but it is still fun to share this step as I go along.

The buildings are all still there - nothing much has changed for the overall layout of the street. However, the lines have been straightened, for the most part. There are still a few odd angles here and there that probably need some correcting. But maybe that is me looking at things with a critical eye.

The other obvious change is that there is now color. The colors chosen here were somewhat random. It would be much like the residents of each of these buildings choosing their own colors without trying to match the adjacent buildings. I think that is how it would work in real life, so that is how it worked here. Although I do have to wonder why those in the second building from the right chose that green color. I might have to give them a little color counseling about that. But otherwise, everything looks to be in good order.

Taking My Time

As you might be able to tell, I am taking my time on this artwork. There is no deadline, and there is no rush. I am mainly just doing this for me. Of course, that is true of all of the art that I share here. But I decided to take a different path with this one.

Of course, because there is not a deadline of any kind, I often find it easy to put this one aside and do something else instead. For example, it has been almost two months since I posted the first sketch version of this artwork. How long will it be until the next version, if there even is one (hint: there most likely will be another version)? Good question! I will let you know when I figure it out.

Despite the distractions, it is fun to have a side project like this to pick up every now and then. So I will add more details and make a few changes later on, whenever I have time and feel like working on it.

After all, slow progress is still progress.

The end of a matter is better than its beginning; likewise, patience is better than pride. - Ecclesiastes 7:8

About the Artwork

In case you are wondering, I did leave the digital file for the original sketch version intact. I duplicated it to create this version. One of the nice things about digital artwork is that you do not necessarily have to erase something or paint over something. You can just create new layers on top of the old. Or you can create a new file and erase parts of it while leaving the first file as it was.

I will probably create another file again once I start working on it again. I do like these first two versions, after all, and I think they stand on their own, whatever the final version might be.

Created using the Procreate App and an Apple Pencil on an iPad.

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