Island Beach Hut in Brown Tones

An island beach hut, seen previously in full color, is presented here in brown tones, with a little bit of blue water.

An island beach hut, seen previously in full color, is presented here in brown tones, with a little bit of blue water.

In the previous post, I had mentioned that after I completed that illustration, I decided to change it up a bit. What you see here is that result. Same illustration, but with different colors and a few other slight changes. One of the nice things about digital artwork is the ability to easily make changes such as this.

The color scheme was based on some other artwork by different artists that I had seen here and there on the internet. Blue skies are nice, but this color scheme to me has more of a tribal/tropical feel to it in many ways.

This is the second of three posts. You can see the third post here.

Why Love?

I have written a good deal about loving one another this year. But why do we love one another?

So many times, our attempts to love each other are motivated by the fact that we want others to love us, too. We love to get that reward of being loved back. You tell someone, “I love you,” so that they will say it back to you, and you feel disappointed if they do not.

However, our loving each other should not be motivated by what we can get out of it, but rather what we can put into it. If we are truly interested in following Jesus’ commands to love others, we will understand that there is no guaranteed payback, nor should one be expected. We should just love others because God loved us first.

In our society, so much of what we do is driven by what we can get in return. We do something so that someone will do something for us. We give gifts so that we will get gifts. We give to charities because we get a tax deduction.

But what if we love without expecting anything in return? Instead of spending time calculating what you will get out of it, spend time calculating how you can show love to others.

In doing so, you will greatly come out ahead.

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. - Romans 12:10

Love One Another

About the Artwork

I have mentioned before my love of textures. Flat colors are just not as interesting to me as something with a texture to it. You can see examples of that in both this illustration and the previous one. After all, sandy areas need to have some sort of texture to convey the idea of sand. And a flat sky is just empty space, even with a few clouds.

The trick is not to overdo the textures, which perhaps I have done a time or two. Hopefully not this time, however.

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