Happy Fall from Burnsland!

The first day of Fall has arrived! Here’s hoping you have a great season ahead of you. Season changes are special. After all, they only happen four times a year.

Of course, some people start celebrating fall at the first of September, but that is not when the actual Autumnal Equinox occurs. At least, that is what the astronomers and meteorologists tell us. I have no way of knowing, so I am taking their word that it is actually today.

Why don’t other seasonal first days get this much attention? Summer starts at the end of June, which is well after the school year has ended, which is of course a much bigger deal. By the time winter starts, everyone is dreading how cold it will be for how long. And when spring begins, everyone is still thawing out after the long, cold winter.

But in addition to the change of the name of the season, fall brings some more changes with it, too. The air gets a little cooler. The mornings get a little crisper. And the leaves start to change to all sorts of interesting colors. While winter has its deadness and spring brings us allergies, fall brings us a visual treat.

In honor of that fall color palette, I have created a new Burnsland header graphic, which I am sharing here just in case you are reading this post after a new graphic has been installed. Here it is:

Burnsland Fall Header Graphic

Yes, despite what all I said above about fall not starting until today, that fall header graphic actually first appeared here on the site last week. That is because I have no patience for waiting to post such things. When I have something I like, I want to go ahead and share it. So I did.

Just like Humpty Dumpty, I hope you have a great fall! Except not the same kind of fall, of course. Perhaps I should say autumn. Whatever you call it, I hope it is good.

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience… - Colossians 3:12

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