Goat in the Snow

How Cold Is Too Cold?

Mobius the Goat can’t move as he tries to fight off the snow and cold weather in this latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook.

Mobius the Goat can’t move as he tries to fight off the snow and cold weather in this latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook.

I always laugh when Randy Parker is so bundled up in the movie A Christmas Story that he can’t put his arms down. But for the last few days, I have been feeling the same way. We have been putting on as many layers as we can to stay warm. It works better some days than other days. But sacrificing a little mobility is worth it to stay a little warmer.

Instead of a photo of me, I thought it would be funny to have Mobius the Goat experiencing the same thing. It is too bad that they do not make mittens and winter shoes for goat hooves, because that might keep him a little warmer.

We have had somewhere between 7 and 8 inches of snow here at our house. That is the most snow we have received in a long time. Watch for some snowy photos to come soon! Just as soon as Mobius and I thaw out a little.

About the Artwork

Just for the fun of trying something different, I used a different style for this drawing. Instead of black outlines and flat color, I used colored outlines and a charcoal-style brush. I liked the texture of that brush, as it made it feel more like a fluffy, fuzzy winter coat. And the colored outlines gave everything a softer feel, as if Mobius was lost in the snowstorm.

One of the things I have enjoyed about digital artwork is the ability to experiment with different styles without having to buy a lot of extra supplies that I might use only once. I may or may not use this style again, but it was fun to at least give it a try!

Here is a look at the rough sketch that I started with. As you can see, the pose changed slightly as I worked on it from the original really rough sketch to the later final sketch version.

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