The Firefighter From Steve's Sketchbook

Fighting Fires

A firefighter fighting fires from the People of Burnsland series in Steve’s Sketchbook. They are an important part of our community.

A firefighter fighting fires is the latest in the People of Burnsland series in Steve’s Sketchbook.

Every community needs good firefighters. They are the kind of people that you hope never see action. If they are having to put out fires, that means that something is on fire, which is usually not good. But when they are needed, everyone definitely welcomes the firefighters, because at that time they provide a valuable service. After all, Burnsland should not actually burn.

It takes bravery and determination to fight fires. I don’t know that I am cut out for the job. Our local volunteer fire department always needs more volunteers. For whatever reason, I always figure out a good reason not to do it. Fortunately, there are those who do volunteer. They have that certain quality that it takes to do that.

This brave and determined firefighter runs with his fire hose to fight the flames that are all around him. He is not wearing the protective gear that all modern firefighters wear these days, but that is because he is just a drawing. If he were a real firefighter, he would be wearing much more to protect him.

Be thankful that you have firefighters in your community. And be thankful if you have not needed their services, too.

About the Artwork

I wanted to show some action in this drawing. A firefighter without a fire to fight would not be that interesting of a drawing. So I pictured him running with the hose to meet the challenge, and that is what I drew.

As I mentioned above, I did not bother trying to draw him with all of the correct modern equipment. Instead, I just used the familiar red hat and yellow coat that so many of us still think of. That kept things a little more simple. And it helped him to fit in with the other People of Burnsland, too.

Also, I liked the background for this one. Even though the flames are relatively simple, I like how the colors work together. And I added in a little bit of smoke, too, just to make it even more fire-like.

Shading and highlights give a flat drawing some depth, and I like how the shading turned out here. I am definitely no expert on all of that, but I do like to experiment with it and try to visualize where the light might be coming from.

Here is the original firefighter sketch that I created:

Firefighter sketch

As you can see, there is not much difference between this first sketch and the final version. Besides the background, of course. It is pretty fun to be able to visualize something and then actually make it happen. That is one of the joys of art!

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