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Trees and Clouds

An artistic scene from our driveway walk is the latest entry from Steve’s Sketchbook, representing a view that we have seen a lot of lately.

For this installment of Steve’s Sketchbook, here is an artistic view down our driveway, which we see on our frequent walks.

During our extended time at home, we have more time to go for walks. And as you may know from some of the photos posted here, we have a long driveway. What better place to practice social distancing while still getting some exercise?

When we can, we go out and walk a few laps down the driveway and back. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice. Although we aren’t exactly going slow, we don’t necessarily set any speed records, either. While we walk for exercise, we also walk for the time to spend together. So these walks have dual purposes. And they haven’t hurt my daily step count, either.

I am hoping that whenever things get back to “normal”, whatever that means and whenever that is, that we are able to keep some of the things that we have learned during this time. How we prioritize time and activities has certainly changed recently, and maybe we can learn something from that. I am hoping that Laura and I figure out how to still have time for our walks as much as possible so that we have that time to spend together. And I am hoping that we (everyone, not just the two of us) all realize that maybe taking things a little slower is not all that bad after all. There is such a thing as being involved in too many things!

Slowing down definitely has its privileges sometimes.

About the Artwork

For this piece from Steve’s Sketchbook, I once again went with a painting style, similar to what I had used in the Beach Scene entry. I thought that style would work well for this.

This is not necessarily an accurate representation of our driveway. There are no utility poles, fences, distant neighbor houses, or anything else like that in this painting, even though they are there in real life. I was going for a more abstract view that captures the feel of what we see when we are walking.

We do have a lot of green grass, along with a lot of tall yellow weeds that are left over from last season, so that is what you see here. And the trees in the distance don’t have quite that many leaves on them yet, although they seem to have a few more each day. I went ahead and showed a full-leaf view, because that is what I like, preferring that over the dead trees of winter or the blooming trees of early spring.

Plus, I always think clouds are cooler than just a plain blue sky, so I threw in a generous helping of clouds, too. But not rain clouds. Nice, white, puffy clouds. Because we wouldn’t want rain to spoil a perfect walk, would we?

Did I mention that I am nothing at all like a professional artist? If not, that should be pretty obvious by now!

Bible Verse

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. - Ephesians 5:1-2

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