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A quick sketch of a Christmas wreath is one of the many gifts to you from Steve’s Sketchbook

A quick sketch of a Christmas wreath is one of the many gifts to you from Steve’s Sketchbook.

And when I say this is a “quick sketch,” I really mean it. I spent no more than 10 minutes working on this. I have spent a couple of hours on some of the other Sketchbook artwork posted here, but this one is just something quick.

One thing that helped this go quickly was the “Snow Gum” brush in Procreate for iPad. It had that varied color foliage look to it, automatically using a few different green tones based off of the main shade that I selected. That almost feels like cheating. If I had tried to paint all sorts of small dots of different shades of green, that would have taken a whole lot longer.

About the Artwork

This brush was the same one that I used for the trees in the background of Laughing with Santa. Based on that previous work, I already knew that the brush was there, which made this go even faster.

And the bow ribbon on the wreath probably does not look entirely accurate. But I was going more for the Christmas feeling than for accuracy here.

Sometimes it is fun to just do something fast. And that is what this was.

And to go along with the “quick” theme, I will keep this post brief, too. You’re welcome.

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