A Christmas Tiki for December

Merry Christmas!

A jolly tiki out in the snow wishes you a Merry Christmas as the newest member of the Tiki of the Month Club from Steve’s Sketchbook.

A jolly tiki out in the snow wishes you a Merry Christmas as the newest member of the Tiki of the Month Club from Steve’s Sketchbook.

Usually, you would find a tiki somewhere warm, such as at the beach on a tropical island. But just maybe there could be a tiki at the North Pole, too. Santa Claus strikes me as being an eclectic decorator, after all. So why would he not have a tiki somewhere near his workshop?

And this tiki decided to get in the Christmas spirit with his red hat and beard. But those might be part of his effort to stay warm while away from his tropical weather, too. At least he can still smile through it all!

Christmas Decorating

Like Santa Claus, we do a bit of eclectic decorating, too. We always have our standard Christmas tree, and the ornaments on that tree come from a wide variety of things. But in the last few years we have also added a cowboy tree and a beach tree into the mix.

One of the fun things about Christmas is that everyone can decorate however they want to. Who says that all decorations have to be the same? I like the individuality of it all. That is what makes it more special. If everyone did the same thing, it would all get rather boring rather quickly. So I would rather everyone do their own thing so that we can all enjoy the differences.

That is true with life in general, too. Can you just imagine how dull it would be if everyone were the same? Fortunately, we are not. And that is a good thing.

Stay different!

But if you fulfill the royal law as expressed in this scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well. - James 2:8

About the Artwork

I will confess that sometimes I like to reuse things. For example, that snowman on the left that looks somewhat like a goat comes from last year’s artwork of Mobius the Christmas Goat. I was going to draw a new one, but I remembered that I had a perfectly good one already. Mobius said he did not mind sharing.

And the Christmas tree on the right comes from something that you have not seen yet at the time of this writing. More about that later on.

Also, here is a look at the early sketch of this guy:

Christmas tiki sketch

I sometimes think that the original sketches almost have more energy and charm than the final artwork has. So I like to share the sketches, too. But unlike last month’s Thankful Tiki, I did not do a final line version after this sketch. Instead, I immediately just went into the final color version to save a step.

Merry Christmas!

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