Catch a Wave

Catch a Wave from Art by Burnsland

A large wave rolls onto the unseen shore in the latest Art by Burnsland.

I wanted to do something slightly abstract instead of something character-driven as the last few art things have been. And because I often think about the beach, this wave came to mind. I am impressed by those who can go out with a surfboard and ride waves like this one. I will just remain a spectator for that.

Painting a large wave is much more my speed than riding a large wave.

Water Appreciation

I love the ocean. The waves. The beach. Anything with water. Even a good lake or river. That is a little odd, because I have lived all of my life far from any major body of water. There are not even many minor bodies of water close by. The Mississippi River is about an hour away, but that is about it. And while the Mississippi River is nice, I prefer the ocean and the beach.

Someone recently mentioned that he thought I would prefer to avoid the beach, since I tend to burn rather easily. But despite that fact of my life, I still enjoy going to the beach and staying out as long as I can. Of course, I wear a hat and sunscreen. And I stay under an umbrella or other shade device as much as I can, except when I am out in the water. But I do still love it. Even if it does not love me back.

The ocean is fascinating. All the waves, all the sea life that lives in it. The tides, the currents. The power of the waves. The color changes. So much to enjoy, so much to be thankful for. So many ways to see just how great God’s creation is, all in the water. It never gets old to me.

Does that mean that you will see more beach and ocean themed artwork in the future? Definitely!

The sea is his, for he made it. His hands formed the dry land. Come, let us bow down and worship. Let us kneel before the Lord, our Creator. - Psalm 95:9-6

About the Artwork

I decided to use a painting style here, “painting” with broad strokes of my Apple Pencil. I did like how the ocean spray at the crest of the wave turned out. And the sky looks pretty cool, too.

Of course, you would probably not see just a single wave like this. Either there would be a lot of waves scattered around, or one big long wave, much longer than this one. But I chose to just focus on one here.

And they say (whoever “they” are), not to give away all of your secrets. But this digital painting represents around 30 minutes of work. I really expected it to take much longer than that, but everything fell into place very quickly. Sometimes simple is good.

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