Burnsland Pumpkin Patch Volume 2

Burnsland Pumpkin Patch Volume 2

Here is another round of jack-o-lantern pumpkins from the Burnsland Pumpkin Patch for this year. Watch out for that guy in the upper right. He looks a little questionable.

As with the first batch of pumpkins, these guys were fun to create. But they were just some quick drawings that I put together. Nothing too serious, but just a fun way to pass a little time.

Just for Fun

Is having fun becoming a lost art? Do we focus ourselves too much on what people might think, or on how many likes we might get, or on some other meaningless variable?

You often hear about people stressing out over getting that one vacation photo from that one most photographed spot to look just right, which is to say to look just like everyone else’s. Or you hear about people stressing over making sure that their wedding photos are just perfect, so that they can share them with everyone else. Or there are those who plan their vacations down to the last minute to try to fill every day with maximum fun.

When Laura and I went on our first trip to Hawaiʻi a few years ago, there were others on the plane who were going over all of their plans. They had books, maps, online plans, and all kinds of reservations. Laura and I, on the other hand, had a hotel reservation and a rental car reservation, and that was it. No big plans other than to find things that looked fun to us when we got there. I feel like by the end of that trip, we looked like the upper left and lower right pumpkins, smiling about the fun that we had. I could not help wondering if those with all of their “gotta do it” plans looked like the other pumpkins. Maybe they had a good time. But I know we had genuine fun.

In the same way, I drew these pumpkins just for fun. I hope you like them, but that was not my main goal here. I was just having fun.

Do things that you want to do, just for fun. There is plenty of time to be serious in life. And at times you do have to care about what others think. But take some time to do fun things just for you. Don’t take absolutely everything too seriously. Smile like a happy pumpkin.

A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed. - Proverbs 15:13

About the Artwork

These are similar to the first pumpkins in style, but there are a few differences. One of the biggest is that these have a dark purple background instead of a black background, just to change things up a bit. And there are only four of these instead of five. And just for fun, I gave the logo and signature a bit of a glow.

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