Burns Family Christmas Card 2022

As you may know, each year we try to come up with an entertaining Christmas card to send out to family and friends. Our cards are usually nothing too serious. Just something to bring a little Christmas joy. See some of our past cards here.

As with last year, there was not a good time to get a photo of the three of us together, especially the kind of staged photo similar to what we have done in the past. Like last year, we decided to rely more on artwork than on an actual photo of us.

Laura is our idea person, and she always comes up with something good. After giving it some thought, she said, “What if our faces were reflected in ornaments on the Christmas tree?” I took that suggestion and ran with it, and here is what we came up with:

The Burns Family Christmas Card for 2022

As you can see, I drew a Christmas tree with some lights and ornaments. And then I drew three larger ornaments to reflect our faces. Instead of trying to draw our faces, I used photos of us from Zach and Leah’s wedding, because those were the most recent photos of us at the time. And I did distort them a bit to make them look like reflections on a spherical glass ornament.

On the Back

But the front is only half of the card. We always try to tie it all together with what is on the back of the card, along with a guest appearance each year from our favorite Reindeer.

I asked Laura what should be on the back, and she said, “How about if the Reindeer’s face is reflecting on an ornament that he is hanging on the tree?” So here is what I drew:

The back of the Burns Family Christmas Card for 2022

Laura also came up with the words for the back. We were sure to put REFLECT and SEE in all capitals, just to make sure everyone knew what was going on in the artwork on the front in case it was not obvious.

Giving out a secret here: While I often reuse the previous year’s Reindeer artwork with some modifications for that year’s theme, I obviously had to completely redraw the Reindeer for this year’s card. But I enjoyed doing it, so it was not a problem at all.

I did reuse the same Christmas tree from the front of the card, and you can see that our ornaments are already on there. And then I later reused the same Christmas tree for the Christmas Tiki in December artwork, although I removed our face ornaments from the tree because the Christmas cards had not been sent out yet.

So that is the story behind our Christmas card for 2022. Hope you enjoyed it. And if you would like to be added to our Christmas card mailing list for the next year, just fill out this handy form!

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