Burns Family Christmas Card 2015 - Behind the Scenes

After last year’s fun Christmas Card, we knew we had to do something at least as good for this year. I kicked around ideas in my head for a while, to see what I could come up with. Laura had suggested something perhaps related to our cruise from this past summer, and so we eventually ended up with a beach theme.

First up, we had to get a group photo. So while last year we had bundled up in winter coats on a somewhat warm day, this time we put on our beach t-shirts and sunglasses on a cold day. Here are some of our efforts:

A little too extreme? Maybe.

Just right!

Of course, our den doesn’t look very beachy at all, so it doesn’t really make any sense for us to be standing in the den in our beach clothes. I went to the computer to draw a suitable background, and here is what I came up with:

A pelican, a palm tree, a sand castle, and a snowman made out of sand (a sandman?) - what could be more beach Christmas-like? And if that pelican looks familiar, he came from an earlier drawing I created last year. I thought the drawing was needing something else, so I dropped him in pretty quickly.

After that, I removed the den background from our photo and dropped us into this beach scene, added some words, and we were done:

After the cards were printed, Laura pointed out that it really needed something on the right, such as a cruise ship sailing in the water. But I had been rushing to get it done and sent to Vistaprint for their Cyber Monday sale, because the cards were less than half-price that way. So next year, I will try to get an earlier start on it all!


That’s our Christmas card for this year! We hope you and your families all had a Merry Christmas!

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