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A Nice Day at the Beach

A nice beach scene is the latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook

A nice beach scene is the latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook. Wouldn’t you like to be somewhere like that? I know I would!

Yes, this latest sketch ended up looking more like a painting than a sketch. If you are curious, it did start out as more of a sketch, but then I decided that I liked this painting look better, so I used the sketch as a guide for the painting.

If you are wondering, this beach is nowhere in particular, meaning that it is not based on any particular beach we have visited. It is just a nice scene with a palm tree, an umbrella for shade, and beach chairs for Laura and me. Some nice, calm water is close by for us to enjoy, and then our chairs and umbrella for when we get out of the water. I guess I should have drawn a small table to hold our Coca-Cola bottles, too.

I suppose a real-world beach would have more than just one giant palm tree. Or maybe an artist doing something more than just a quick sketch might include more palm trees, too. Maybe that will be a future project. Who knows?

Relaxing at Home

This sketch was actually started before the whole Coronavirus thing became full-blown. But since that time, I have had some time to relax.

No, we did not escape to the beach to relax. Instead, we just stayed home, which seemed like a prudent thing to do. Especially over the last weekend, we spent lots of time watching movies, walking outside, reading, taking a nap or two, cleaning house, and just enjoying being home.

While these times are slightly uncertain, I very much welcomed the opportunity for some extra time to relax at home. It seems like we are always having to rush off somewhere. So to be told to stay home was rather nice. It might not be quite as nice if it drags on for months, but we do have lots of DVDs and Blu-Rays, so we should be okay for a while.

Look for the silver lining whenever you can. And if you find yourself at home for a while, just relax and enjoy it.

About the Sketch

This sketch was done much the same as the first sketch, using my iPhone and a digital pencil. However, for this one, I used the Procreate iPhone app. No, they didn’t pay me to say that. I spent my own money on it. But it does have all sorts of brush options, and it seemed to me to be pretty easy to use. Chances are that I will keep using it for a while unless I find something better later on.

Check back soon for more from Steve’s Sketchbook!

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