Another Halloween Pumpkin from Steve's Sketchbook


Another Halloween pumpkin from Steve’s Sketchbook

Following up on some earlier artwork, here is another Halloween pumpkin from Steve’s Sketchbook. Because two pumpkins are better than one, right?

Actually, when I drew that first guy, I considered having a small pumpkin series. My thought was to use that same pumpkin and “carve” different faces on it. However, I was not quite content with how that pumpkin turned out.

So instead of just using the same pumpkin base for a new face, I decided to do something completely different. And that is what you see here.

In addition to a completely different artistic style, this pumpkin is also happier than the first one. After all, every Halloween thing does not have to be scary, right? While that last pumpkin looked a little angry and menacing, this one is just happy to see you. How can you not smile at something like that?

Still Learning

One of the reasons that this pumpkin looks different is that I am still learning new techniques. I know that I don’t know all that much, and I am happy in admitting that. I am also happy to learn new things and new ways to do things.

This particular pumpkin is based on a concept by BeeJayDeL. He has lots of art tutorial videos on YouTube, particularly about drawing using Procreate for iPad, which is what I use. However, while he has a somewhat similar pumpkin tutorial, I actually did not watch that particular video. I did see his final artwork, and then I went about it on my own.

I like learning from others, but then at other times, I like seeing what others have done and use that as inspiration to figure out my own way of doing things. That is the same way that I have learned photography, actually, from taking little bits that I have learned from others and combining it with figuring out things for myself. One large part of art is figuring out your own methods and style, even if you do borrow some of that from someone else.

And it is always good to help others when you can, because you have been helped by someone somewhere along the way, too.

Bible Verse

Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed. - Romans 13:7

About the Artwork

As I mentioned, and as with lots of the previous Steve’s Sketchbook pieces, I created this artwork with Procreate for iPad, using a digital pencil.

Interestingly, when I drew the first pumpkin, I was pretty proud of how it turned out. But now when I compare it with this one, I am not nearly as happy with the first one. I was attempting to make it look somewhat dimensional, and I did not achieve that as much with the first one as I have with this one. That just shows progress and learning, though. Improvement is always good.

Here is a look at some of the stages of this second pumpkin:

Another Halloween pumpkin - art progression

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