A Werewolf for Halloween!


A Werewolf for Halloween

A Werewolf brings you a joke for Halloween, or maybe Howl-O-Ween, in this latest artwork from Steve’s Sketchbook.

So maybe the Werewolf does not have the best jokes. But I am not going to tell him. How about you?

Do Werewolves even eat lunch, or are they only out at night? Maybe I should have researched that just a bit more before using this joke. But factual or not, I still think it is funny. Which probably explains a lot about me.

Not Too Scary

Maybe this Werewolf looks a little more cartoony than scary. But that is okay, because I don’t care for things to be too scary, anyway.

I like to create a Halloween drawing or two each year. And Laura likes to participate in our church’s Trunk or Treat each year. And we don’t do anything scary for either of those. We like the fun side instead of the scary side.

You can see some of our past Halloween creations, both artistic and, um, trunktistic, here at this link.

However you celebrate, Happy Halloween!

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About the Artwork

This is about the 4th version of this artwork. Apparently, I need more practice on werewolves.

First off, in the original version, the shading on the Werewolf was just not right. What you see here is actually the third shading version. The first one just looked way too unnatural, which is not to be confused with supernatural. The second version was an improvement, but this final version is even better.

Also, in the earlier versions, the Werewolf had a funny-looking mouth with big teeth. I like this version much better because it looks more like he is actually saying, “Noooooooon!” Or maybe just “Oooooooo!”

And lastly, what you see here is not the original joke that I used. I decided I did not like the first one all that much, so I used this one instead. It is more in line with my joke taste. Is humor subjective? I will let you decide that.

However, as you can see in the sketch below, the Werewolf himself did not change all that much. Except for his aforementioned mouth, which I had reworked in this sketch version before reworking in the final version.

Werewolf Sketch

Also, in the original rough sketch, he apparently had no feet. Interesting.

What do you call a werewolf with no feet? Stationhairy.

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