A Halloween Tiki for October

Happy Halloween!

A tiki with a pumpkin-shaped head sits in a field on a starry night in the fall

A tiki with a pumpkin-shaped head sits in a field on a starry night in the fall as Halloween approaches. This is the latest Tiki of the Month from Steve’s Sketchbook. Yes, Tiki of the Month is definitely a thing now.

Our tiki friend is just waiting for some trick-or-treaters to come and pay him a visit. Of course, you can tell by his smile that he is a friendly tiki, so he only gives out treats, of course. Not to mention that he does not know any good tricks to play on anyone.

If you are out this Halloween and happen to see a friendly pumpkin-head tiki smiling at you, just smile back and wave. He will appreciate it. Although he might not wave back, as his hands are carved into his side.

About the Artwork

So, a little background. For each of the last few years, I have drawn a jack-o-lantern pumpkin (or two) around Halloween. And I recently started the Tiki of the Month. So why not combine them as a two-for-one art project? That is what you see here now, smiling at you today.

I changed from the traditional beach-scene background of the previous tiki drawings. Somehow, a fall meadow felt more right for this one. Even if there are palm trees in the background. Those trees could mean that the beach is not all that far away, after all. And how about that nighttime sky? Who would not want to be out in a field looking at all those stars on a cool fall evening?

What will the next Tiki of the Month be? At this point, I have no idea! Stay tuned!

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