51 Years!

Party Time!

Mobius the Goat presents a birthday cake and fireworks in honor of my 51 years.

Mobius the Goat presents a birthday cake and fireworks in honor of my 51 years.

In some past years, I have offered up a self-portrait in honor of my birthday. But I have not changed much at all since last year’s birthday, at least in terms of appearance. I am a year older now, so that has changed. But I think I still look pretty much the same. So why bother with another photo?

I would imagine it is difficult for a goat to bake a cake, given the fact that he only has hooves with no opposable thumbs. Considering all of that, I think his cake turned out well.

Reflections on 51

At first, I was thinking that 51 was a prime number and that I could make a big deal about that since my age has not been a prime number since 47. But then I remembered that if you add the digits together and they are a multiple of 3, then that number is divisible by 3. And yes, 5+1=6, which is divisible by 3. And 3x17=51. So no prime number for me this year. That will have to wait two more years. That’s math for you. Always there to thwart our fun.

And now that I am 51, I suppose that I am firmly in my 50s. When I was 50, that was still just one year away from my 40s, so it wasn’t that bad. But I can’t use that argument anymore. And yes. I did join AARP last year. A discount is a discount, after all. Might as well take advantage of it.

No one makes much of a big deal about a 51st birthday. It does not have the glamour and prestige that a 50th birthday has. Instead of your golden anniversary, you are just in your golden years. So I am thankful to Mobius for the cake and fireworks. Not that I want anyone to make a big deal out of it, because I don’t. I like things to be nice and simple.

And besides, age is just a number. It is just a measure of how many trips around the sun you have taken while riding on the earth. Nothing more. So even though I am older than almost all of the high school teachers that I thought were really old at the time, I do not feel all that old myself. Yes, I often discover new aches and pains, but nothing major.

After all, you are only as old as you choose to act. Choose wisely.

So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come. - Psalm 71:18

About the Artwork

Mobius’s look and my drawing style of him continue to evolve. Nothing wrong with that. And if you are wondering, I did not take the time to meticulously draw all of those fireworks in the background. Instead, I found a free set of fireworks brushes on Gumroad for Procreate. With that, I could select a fireworks style, select a color, and then click where I wanted it. Cool and easy!

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