2023 Christmas Tree No. 2

A Christmas tree blueprint is the second entry in the 2023 Christmas Tree series from Art by Burnsland

A Christmas tree blueprint is the second entry in the 2023 Christmas Tree series.

Everyone knows how to make a Christmas tree, right? If not, then here is a handy guide to help you. Although there might not be much information here that you did not already know. And check out those archaic light bulbs? Haven’t those all been replaced by those fancy new energy-saving LED bulbs? But then haven’t blueprints been replaced by newer copies and electronic versions?

So maybe this blueprint is just a relic of the old days, too. A good reminder of how things used to get done.

Old Things From the Old Days

My real job is in the engineering profession. However, blueprints were an old thing by the time I got into the business all those years ago. They had already been replaced by bluelines (blue lines on white paper instead of white lines on blue paper), which were then replaced by Xerox copies, which were then replaced by PDF files. Whenever we would come across a set of actual blueprints, it was for an old building, and they were interesting to look at, because they were old things from the old days.

So maybe this artwork appeals more to me than it does to you because of my past. But then that is true of Christmas, too. Some things about Christmas appeal to people because of past memories, while others do not have those ties to the old things. Nothing wrong with either way, either. Everyone has different experiences, which create different memories.

And maybe I am becoming and old thing from the old days, too. Nothing wrong with that, either. Hopefully.

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. - 1 John 2:17

About the Artwork

As you might remember, I created something with a similar look in the past for the Main Street - Work in Progress post. I liked that blueprint look, and I have been thinking about another project to use that look. So when I was thinking about another 2023 Christmas Tree piece, I remembered that blueprint thought. This one is a little more plan-like, as it has a title block border and everything. Maybe not as colorful as the first Christmas tree. But I had it in my mind that the following ones would be different, and this indeed is different!

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