Mobius the Goat

Back to School with Mobius the Goat

Headed Back to Class It is that time of year again when everyone goes back to school, including Mobius the Goat. We have not seen Mobius the Goat around here lately. His last appearance was relaxing by the pool in Florida. So I figured it was a good time to see what he was up to. And like all good “kids” (yes, that is my weak attempt at humor for the day), Mobius is going back to school.

Happy Independence Day from Uncle Sam, aka Mobius the Goat

All American Goat Uncle Sam wishes you a happy American Independence Day. Yes, that is actually Mobius the Goat, but he likes being patriotic. And he takes his holiday very seriously, as you can see by the look on his face. Here’s hoping you have a happy July 4! Also, do you know how hard it is to make a goat look like he is pointing when he does not have an index finger or a thumb?

Mobius the Surfing Goat

Catch a Wave Mobius the Goat enjoys the sun while checking out the waves at Anahola Beach on the island of Kauaʻi in Hawaiʻi. He might go out surfing and catch a wave later on, or he might just enjoy having his hooves in the water. How does a goat go surfing and hang ten with only two hooves and no toes, anyway? Devoted Burnsland readers know of my love for photography.

Mobius the Sports Mascot Goat

Fierce and Intimidating Mobius the Goat becomes a sports mascot and team logo in his latest incarnation from Steve’s Sketchbook. Recently, our family attended a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game. While we were there, I could not help noticing the Grizzlies logo of a grizzly bear face all over everything. In fact, the logo was even on a baseball cap on my own head, since I had gotten the cap sometime before and decided to wear it to the game.

Mobius the Grass Mowing Goat

Happy Grass Growing Season! Spring is here, which means that the grass is starting to grow. Mobius the Goat from Steve’s Sketchbook is experiencing the joy of his first grass cutting of the year. You might ask, “Why would a goat cut the grass?” That is a good question. After all, goats are known for eating grass. But then goats are also known for walking on all four legs and not wearing colorful shirts, so Mobius the Goat is not quite your normal goat.

Goat on a Phone

Screen Time Mobius the Goat tries to operate his mobile phone in the latest entry from Steve’s Sketchbook. Phones these days can be challenging sometimes. But just imagine how much more challenging it would be if you are a goat without thumbs. You think hitting the right letters are tough? Try it with hooves! But Mobius the Goat looks determined to do his best here, even if it is taking all of his concentration.

Goat in the Snow

How Cold Is Too Cold? Mobius the Goat can’t move as he tries to fight off the snow and cold weather in this latest entry in Steve’s Sketchbook. I always laugh when Randy Parker is so bundled up in the movie A Christmas Story that he can’t put his arms down. But for the last few days, I have been feeling the same way. We have been putting on as many layers as we can to stay warm.

A New Website Logo with Mobius the Goat

Time For Something New! Mobius the Goat takes over the Burnsland logo in the newest website graphics. This is as good a time as any for some new website graphics. Actually, I was rather fond of the previous graphics with the turtle logo, too. So who knows, you might see that again sometime. But for now, Mobius the Goat has taken over. Not only does Mobius appear on the main banner (posted above just in case you are reading this in the future and the banner graphic has changed again), but he is also on the 404 page, which is what you get when you try to go to something that isn’t actually here.

Mobius the Goat From Steve's Sketchbook

Unusual Name, Unusual Goat Presenting Mobius the Goat from Steve’s Sketchbook. Yes, Mobius is an unusual name. But then he is also an unusual goat. How unusual is he? How many other goats do you know who live in houses and wear Hawaiian shirts? That’s the kind of unusual I am talking about. Plus, he has a very nicely kept yard. Because goats do take care of keeping the grass down, after all.

Mobius The Goat

Here is the first of (maybe) many adventures of Mobius The Goat, just an average goat trying to raise his family in the modern world. Click the strip to see it larger, in case you are having trouble seeing it. When I was a kid, I briefly considered some sort of art career. I especially loved reading the comic strips in the newspaper each day, and I would grab the section that the comics were in and immediately read them as I ate my breakfast before school.