Burns Family Christmas Card 2015 - Behind the Scenes

After last year’s fun Christmas Card, we knew we had to do something at least as good for this year. I kicked around ideas in my head for a while, to see what I could come up with. Laura had suggested something perhaps related to our cruise from this past summer, and so we eventually ended up with a beach theme. First up, we had to get a group photo. So while last year we had bundled up in winter coats on a somewhat warm day, this time we put on our beach t-shirts and sunglasses on a cold day.

A Skunk!

A few weeks ago, Jaylin and I were going to put bales of hay in the hay stall in our barn. We have known that a skunk has been in there from time to time, so we were watching for him. But it was already getting dark by the time that we started, so I was hoping that the skunk had already started on his rounds for the night. After all, skunks are nocturnal, so they are more likely active at night rather than during the day.

A New Tiki Drawing

You may have noticed a tiki in the new header graphic that appeared sometime in the last week or two. Actually, that tiki isn’t exactly new, as I have used a version of him in different logos and such before. But this was a new drawing of him, so I thought I would present it here, just in case you wanted to get a better look at him. Maybe one of these days I will actually give him a name.

Sunscreen On My Shoulders

Sorry, John Denver, for borrowing your song. But that is what I am reminded of every summer when sunscreen season rolls around. Because I am a rather fair-skinned person, I can choose either to wear sunscreen most any time I go out in the sun for any length of time or to burn pretty quickly when I go out unprotected. Obviously, I usually choose sunscreen, except when I forget to put it on, and it usually works well for me.